Momentum?s Building?These Assets Are Going Up!

100643169-gold-bars-pyramid-ap.600x400Gold and silver are going up in price along with the stock market, which continues to benefit from the Federal Reserve’s inflationary policies. Right now, spot gold is just shy of $ 1,800 an ounce, which is a boon to gold mining companies. And silver is currently around $ 35.00 an ounce, lagging gold, but it’s a fair bet that corporate earnings for gold and silver companies will be significantly higher this earnings season and next.

With a robust outlook for gold and silver prices, I wouldn’t jump all over gold stocks right now—that trade was back in May, when spot prices were in correction. I’m all for momentum trading, but in precious metals, I think it pays to wait and employ the buy-low, sell-high investment strategy. Gold stocks are currently expensively priced and earnings will have to catch up to get multiples down, but this won’t be a problem with spot gold where it is.

Wall Street is starting to talk a lot more about gold and silver. Predictions are coming out of the woodwork, but they are almost all bullish; I can see the momentum building for $ 2,000 gold. If the current price momentum in the stock market continues to the end of this year, then I think $ 2,000 gold is a given. Oil might be the market’s barometer on the global economy, but spot gold is the barometer on prices; in a sense, gold is a gauge of the amount of easy (or cheap) money there is in the system.

Below is a near-term stock chart of SPDR Gold Shares (NYSE/GLD), which is one of the most popular gold trusts in the marketplace. This exchange-traded fund (ETF) has been going up consistently since 2005 and, at its current value, looks to have returned to its long-run trend.

As I’ve said, I wouldn’t necessarily be jumping on the current bandwagon in gold and silver.

Commodities, as we know, are inherently volatile and reversals can be painful. And most stock market investors should already have some exposure to gold and silver, because the commodity price cycle has been so obvious for so many years and a weaker U.S. dollar is policy.

You can’t value gold and silver like you can a company’s cash flow. You can’t say that, based on a number of factors, gold should be worth $ 2,138 or $ 1,547 an ounce. But gold is the ultimate momentum play when all the pieces come together, and institutional investors have been proven to follow a herd mentality with this precious metal late in the game. Gold and silver prices are going up and, to me, it looks like the momentum is building.

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Leverage Your Assets

100281353-gold_bars_piles_gettyP.600x400“Live better through leverage!” Does this comment sound familiar to you? Perhaps it is because this very statement is very often the mantra of the financial advisor. Their intent, as I understand it at least, is to ensure that you leverage your financial assets appropriately. The basic concept being to use other peoples funds to maximize the financial return to your business.

This concept is in no way being challenged or downplayed by the writer. Rather, I would propose that you consider this very statement from another just as meaningful perspective. The perspective being referred to here is your organization’s human resource assets.

Time and again, business leaders hear the word “Assets” and conclude the reference is solely related to physical premises / equipment or their financial holdings. As a former employee in the financial services industry, I would be the last person to say that this assumption should be discarded.

That being said, premises; equipment and money produce a positive result for your organization only after application of some effort by a human resource. The question then becomes one of “Are you maximizing your human resource asset”.

Let’s suppose for a moment that you have all the staff you require to perform the service provided by your company. Clearly if there is the right amount of people applied to the process/ task, than the result should be the return expected, right?

However, after you check your numbers, it becomes clear that your return on investment (ROI) is not what you expect nor near the average for your industry. In many cases, the assumption is quickly made that reducing the number of staff will result in an increase of the ROI.

There are countless examples of where this logic has been applied. Unfortunately, in many instances, they are from companies no longer in operation.

Another fairly common response to a low ROI for human resource expense not meeting expectations is to change the human resource itself. This may be completed through either re-organization or perhaps wholesale staff replacement. Again, analysis of this response indicates less than satisfactory results.

So what is a firm to do? Is there a magic solution to ensuring that your ROI on human resource expenses improves? Unfortunately, there is not a “one size fits all” solution. That said I believe there is a solution to this dilemma, leverage your assets.

Appropriately leveraging human resource assets simply means that you have:

1. The right people;
2. doing the right things;
3. in the right way;
4. at the right time;
5. for the right reason.

To accomplish this goal, it is necessary to first assess your staff as individuals; do you have square pegs in round holes? Once the people are appropriately placed it is necessary to ensure that they are doing the right things; i.e. do a job task analysis for all positions.

Simply having the right people do the right things is not enough however. They need to be doing things the right way and at the right time. Clearly, a process review will help you assess whether the tasks are done in the right order (the right time) and a without a doubt documented processes allow for the measurement of doing things the right way.

The final question in this equation is: “are they doing it for the right reason?. Here it is necessary to assess your compensation system and rewards programs. Remember it is hard to gain team successes if you are rewarding people for their individual effort. A fair market comparison of financial compensation for your industry will tell you whether you are compensating in line with the norm for your industry.

To properly leverage your (human resource) assets you should be able to respond with a resounding YES, to each of the five points noted above. If not, what are you doing to change?

Gordon J. H. Newman, CPT

Building Assets With Numis Network – What is Numismatic?

5288938-gold-bars-nuggets2-ap.600x400The wealthy do things that most people do not. They collect, build and preserve wealth. One way they do this is by leveraging. Leverage is getting more results out of limited time, effort and money. It can be difficult to create wealth without leverage. The wealthy also buy and collect assets. One asset which its value may increase over time is mint gold and silver coins. At the moment Numismatic coins are a 100 billion dollar global business. You can make money building a business, and by having a product in which the value can increase over time, thereby increasing your net worth.

The fact that collections can grow to be of significant monetary value is another exciting aspect of collecting wealth and preserving wealth through numismatic coin collecting.

The companys goal is to be the largest retailer of graded silver and gold coins in the world. The difference between the past and now is Numis Network has created a new category in network marketing. It is the only company doing what it is doing in this market. Basically, they created a market within a market, and they are the only company doing it.

Prior to now numismatic coin collecting was primarily focused on rare and vintage type coins with varying grades up to the highest grade of MS70. Numis Network is the only one specializing in only Mint State 70 (MS70) gold and silver modern issue American Eagle coins. Mint State 70 graded coins are considered a perfect specimen and a highly sought after collectible coin. The price of one of these is worth its weight in gold and collector value.

These graded gold and silver numismatic coins have value, beauty, and are prestigious, historical, and profitable.

People are developing a passion for collecting silver and gold numismatic coins. Collecting is not a new idea, but now it is cool to collect coins and create wealth. Simply put, this is a big business with tangible assets. You can be one of the first to market a world class selection of graded silver and gold numismatic coins through the power of the network and your own online store.

Whats It Worth?

What makes Numis Networks breakthrough business model unique is that you not only enjoy great prices, you can be paid while you build your own collection of graded silver and gold coins. A MS70 1997 Numismatic Silver Eagle American coin is now worth $ 500. This is based on condition, availability and collector demand. Just imagine the value of a collection if you had collect one coin a year for the past 20 years, or for that matter one coin a month for the past 20 years. There is a striking difference, I know for I added it up. Also each would be a great collection of wealth. People want more of this product. The value of these products is plain to see by anyone. You can never have too many. If you are looking for great riches overnight with little to no work, this is not for you. However, if you are looking to create wealth over time and build a strong business, look no further.

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