GOT.V:Expanding Gold Assets beneath the Ground

gold-barsGolden Touch Resources (GOT.V) has begun with the 2011 Albanian work program on their prospective development of their gold mining and exploration project known as GJAZUJ located about 70 km’s away from nations capital Tirana, in Northern Albania. Golden Touch’s drill program is set to both verify and put into perspective, a gold deposit with a size potential of around 400,000 – 800,000 ounces. Being able to verify drill holes and assay materials will help put a much more accurate estimate on the size of this deposit at the Gjazuj. In conclusion to this, Golden Touch will be able to start the process of putting together a pre-feasibility study and a plan for extracting gold at today’s record breaking prices or upwards of 1500 dollars per ounce.

The first phase of the Golden Touchwork program will consist of a plan to systematically de-risk potential developments of the goldproject and to conclude surveys before the year end. Their new assessments will be focused on addressing resource modeling, establishing a much more accurate resource estimate, and future mine planning with economic contemplations to strengthen the groundworkfor feasibility studies that is anticipated for the year 2012.

Golden Touch Resources is a prominent mining and exploration companythat retains a group of highly experienced metallurgical and geological specialist that can value as an exploration team. In its current stage, GOT is focusing on major controls in mineralization to offer support for future resource calculations and estimates. The current drill program has been initiated to determine the scale of its production potential and recovery of metals and minerals such as gold, chromite and platinum group elements.

As they rapidly become one of the leaders in gold mining and exploration companies operating in Albania, Golden Touch is compiling geophysical and geochemistry records from earlier exploration programs that date back to as far as the 1970′s. The data is used as basis for future project proposals.

To date, results from a previous $ 5 million dollar exploration from in Albania has led to the orientation of today’s drill and exploration program within Northern Albania. As the company works hard to uncover much anticipated results from the Gjajuz gold project, the market for selling gold has never looked better. Recent gold prices have rallied above $ 1500 dollars per ounce and future potential earnings for companies on the hunt for gold just seem to be getting better and better over the course of this modern day gold rush.

All these aspects mark the beginning of a new chapter for Golden Touch Resources. Withholding quality assets embedded beneath the ground or holding claims in a geological hot area are all key elements to becoming a rising star in today’s mining industry. Golden Touch Resources is proclaiming to have both with a package of great projects located within an area of the world that is becoming more and more known for projects serving up great results; Golden Touch Resources continues to drill away on the Gjazuj in Albania.

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